Overview, Rules, Registration and Entry Forms

Parts 1 and 14 are the only sections of Prospectus 2024 that can be downloaded without registering online. Kindly see the description of the content below. Part 14 contains all the “hard copy” versions of the Registration and Entry Forms.

(The reason for this security measure is to protect NEA’s the intellectual property contained in the Prospectus. Kindly note that these documents are copyright protected and may only be used for participation in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa.)

Important: A higher fee is charged for HARD COPY entries! Why not register and enter online?

To access the complete Prospectus 2024, please login with your USERCODE and PASSWORD to the secure NESA Online Entry platform. If not registered yet, you will be able to do so now. Login HERE

Overview & Rules This section contains detailed information regarding the National Eisteddfod Academy, Rules & Regulations, Entry Fees & closing dates and Adjudication, as well as detailed instructions for registering online.Part 14 Forms & FeesThis section contains all the “hardcopy” versions   of the Registration and entry forms as required for the submission of entries in a “hard copy”format.

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