How to register online

First time users:
Important: you first need to REGISTER online before you can add any participant and submit entries.

Online Registration

There are a couple of basic steps to follow:

  • Open your internet browser
  • Type NEA URL address:
  • Click (1) on the LOGIN/REGISTER ONLINE tab
  • Click (2) on the REGISTER ONLINE tab

The ONLINE REGISTRATION form comprises of 5 parts

Creating your ONLINE PROFILE will be determined by the answer to the question whether you are:

  • an individual entering on your own?
  • a parent entering your child?
  • a teacher / representative entering on behalf of a number of participants from a school, studio or community group?

Complete the online profile by selecting one of the options on the 1st page:

PART 1 provides for the following options:

  • Individuals / Parents
  • Schools (public & independent)
  • Studios
  • Community Organizations
  • Tertiary Institutions

ONLY authorized representatives of schools / studios may register an Online Profile for a school / institution.

Parents or individuals entering on their own should select the “Individual registration” option.

PART 2 Select a province:

PART 3 Select a region within the province:

  • In Gauteng, region refers to the geographical regions within the province, e.g. Gauteng West, Gauteng East and Gauteng North. However, due to the large number of participants in the Gauteng Central region, this region has been subdivided into the following regions: Joburg North, Joburg Central, Joburg East and Joburg South.
  • In most other instances region refers to different towns within the province.

PART 4 Select a local area:

  • The selected local area will determine the available VENUES where participation takes place.
  • Please note that some activities (e.g. dance, contemporary music and classical music) might only be adjudicated at selected venues that serve more than one local area.

PART 5 Contact details for the school / studio / individual:

This section contains important information and should be completed with great care.

All the information indicated with * should be provided. The answer to the human text is 54.

After completing this section, click on the SAVE button. Your user-code and password will now be displayed on the screen. (Make a note of this info and also email it to yourself for future reference).

To print your LOGIN details, hold down the CTRL Key and press P simultaneously – keep for future reference!
Should you lose this information, please email to retrieve you login details.

You will now be able to LOGIN with the User-code and Password as provided.

How to login

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