YPA – How to enter from other festivals?

Participants in other festivals during 2020

Participants in other festivals / competitions in the year preceding the current competition.

Achievement of 90%+ or on diploma level required and proof of achievement should be submitted with the entry / entries.

Individual participants and groups can only submit their entries in “Hard copy” format (by e-mail, fax, paper copy)

The entry fee and closing date for “Other Festivals” apply

An entry should be submitted on the official entry form. 

Hard copy entry forms for a live performance or video recorded entry

Important: Participants in other festivals cannot enter ONLINE.

Once you have downloaded and completed the necessary form, it has to be completed and faxed / e-mailed with the necessary supportive documents  attached (proof of payment and achievement in other festival / eisteddfod) to:   entry@eisteddfod.co.za or 011-787-3534.

Guidelines for Video Entries