Adding a participant versus adding an entry

It is often assumed that when the name of a participant has been added online, the entry is complete! 

This is not true!  It is important to note that an entry comprises of 2 elements

  1. Adding the name of the participant (=creating a “participant profile”)
  2. Selecting the item that the participant wants to perform

A completed entry comprises of:

  • The participant and the item that he wants to perform (e.g. saying a poem, singing a song, dancing, submit a painting)
  • In a completed entry these 2 elements are linked together as in the following example:


Although it is possible to add the name of a new participant on its own, IT IS NOT THE SAME as adding an entry.

At the same time you CANNOT add an entry WITHOUT LINKING it to a participant.



Submitting an entry ONLINE comprises of 2 elements

  • Adding a new participant / Updating an existing participant.
  • Adding an “Entry” – (this is the simplified description of linking a selected Item number to a selected participant).
  • Adding and updating participants is a separate process that can be completed BEFORE the submission of entries.
  • You can add or update the details of a participant at any stage.
  • Adding and updating of participants is possible without adding any entries.
  • Adding a participant is NOT the same as adding an entry.
    • You can add a participant without adding an entry BUT
    • You cannot add an entry without selecting and updating a participant that was added before or adding a new one.

It is your choice whether you want to add / update participants before submitting entries or whether you want to add / update participants along the way while you submit your entries.

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