Closing date for Live & Virtual entries 2023

NB Please note Video entries refer to the recording of LIVE PERFORMANCES.

Changes, if any, to online closing dates will be announced on the National Eisteddfod Facebook page. as well

Entry fees for Live / Virtual Performances 2023

NB Please note VIRTUAL entries refer to LIVE PERFORMANCES on a platform like ZOOM and do not include VIDEO recorded entries (Speech and Drama entries only)

In order to qualify for the fee as listed below,  proof of payment should reflect a date within the relevant framework.

IMPORTANT: Any institution that would like to host and enter “live” events past the closing dates as provided below, can email with a request for further extension.

Individuals and groups (2 – 20 participants)

Entry TypeEarly BirdStandardLate BirdLost Bird
Closing date31 May 202331 July 202306 Sep 202322 Sep 202331 July 2023
NEA Confidence Builder
(1 participant)
R 105R 115R 140R 150
Individual entries
(1 participant)
R 195R 210R 240R 260R 260
Ensemble groups
(2 – 5 participants)
R 270R 285R 315R 340R 340
Small groups
(6 – 10) participants)
R 330R 355R 400R 420R 420
Medium sized groups
(11 – 20 participants)
R 360R 385R 460R 460R 450

Large Group entries (entry fee as per number of participants in the group)

 Entry Type:Early Bird Standard Late BirdLost Bird
Closing Date:
31 May 2023
31 July 202306 Sep 202322 Sep 202331 July 2023
21 – 30
R 385R 410R 465R 495R 480
31 – 40
R 420R 445R 500R 530R 510
41 – 50
R 450R 475R 540R 560R 530
51 – 60
R 510R 540R 600R 620R 590
61 – 80
R 590R 620R 690R 710R 670
81 – 100 participantsR 660R 695R 765R 790R 740
101 – 200 participantsR 770R 810R 880R 900R 850
Full shows / ProductionsR 2050R 2175R 2350R 2500R 2260

*Any extension of closing dates will be announced on the website.

Accessing and downloading Prospectus 2022 – 2023

Prospectus 2022 – 2023 contains all the information about the various genres (music, dance, drama and art) and available categories, item numbers, guidelines and hardcopy entry forms, etc. You need to register online in order to be able to download any section of the Prospectus. Kindly refer to the helpfiles below.

Register online to gain access to the NESA Prospectus 2022 – 2023. For help in this regard, click on the links and Help Files below:

Alternatively, you can also order a copy of the Prospectus or selected sections.

To download an order form for Hard Copy entry forms and Prospectus 2022 – 2023 and more information on hard copy entries, click HERE

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