How to submit an online entry

Adding a new entry

  • Open your internet browser
  • Type NEA URL address:
  • Click on the LOGIN/REGISTER ONLINE tab
  • Click on the LOGIN tab
  • Click LOG IN
  • The MAIN MENU will be displayed
  • Click on UPDATE /ADD Entries page

The MAIN ENTRIES page will now be displayed:

  • Select the Add new Entry option.
  • The Select Item and Participants page will now be displayed
  • This page provides you with 2 options:
    • If you already know the item number, you can add it in the box and click NEXT
    • If you do not know the item number, move down to “-or- Select one of the following”
    • You now have the option to select the confidence builder or Creative work sections. Alternatively you now the select the option according to the number of participants involved in the item that you would like to select.
    • E.g. Select the Individual entry (1 participant) button when you want to add an entry for a single participant
  • Following this selection, the Select Genre page will be displayed:
  • If you e.g. want to add a poetry item, select Speech and Drama
  • The next page give you the option to select a speech and drama item in African languages, English or Afrikaans
  • Selecting the Speech and Drama English option opens the Select Table A page where you can select any of the available categories in the Speech and drama section (English), e.g. English Poetry:
  • (You can also take note of the item code in the first column, e.g. EN03 is the code for Poetry in any language.)
  • Selecting English Poetry displays the Select Table B page where the available items in the English poetry category is displayed, together with a brief description of the various items in this category:
  • (You can also take note of the CodeB in the first column, e.g. 6025 is the code for Lyric Poetry in any language.)
  • Click op the Select button of the item that you want, e.g. Lyric Poetry
  • Next the Select Table C – Grade page will be displayed, again with a brief description of the category, as well as the selected item.
  • The next step is to select the Grade for the participant for who you are adding the entry, items in this category, e.g. Grade 3 (GrdCde 3)
  • You have now completed the selection of the item (and the corresponding item number)
  • The complete item number of this item (if you kept record of it as you were going along) is:
    English Lyric Poetry: EN03-6025-03
  • In future you will be able to skip all the preceding steps by entering this item number in 1st option box that is displayed when you click on ADD New Entry
  • his is the simplified description of linking a selected Item number to a selected participant).
  • Once you have selected the appropriate grade, the Participant Search – Individual Entry page is displayed.
  • If you haven’t added any participant profiles yet, the RECENTLY ADDED /SELECTED PARTICIPANTS list will be empty as in the example below:
  • It is important NOT TO ADD DUPLICATE PROFILES for any participant.
  • The SAME profile of a participant should be used for all entries, irrespective of the entries been entered by a school, parent or studio.
  • Duplicate profiles have a negative impact on a participant’s total record of achievement.
  • Before a new profile is added, a search should be done for a possible existing profile

How to Search for a Participant?

  • If you cannot find the name of the participant that you are looking for, click on the Add NEW Participant button.

  • The Edit Existing or Add new Participant form will be displayed
  • Fill out the form:
    • Ignore the PartId field – this will only displayed after completing the form.
  • Click to Save
  • This takes you back to the Participant Search page where the newly added name now appears in the list of Recently added / selected Participants.

  • To finalize your entry, click on the Select button next to the selected name
  • The Entry Final step and SAVE – Individual Entry page will be displayed
  • Select the PERFORMANCE MODE, add the title of the item (if available) and click on SAVE ENTRY.
  • The next page displays the TOTAL OF ENTRIES AND RECEIPTS as well as the PAYMENT REFERENCE CODE that should be used as reference when creating a EFT payment.
  • Your entry is now completed. When you return to the MAIN MENU and select UPDATE / ADD Entries, followed by DISPLAY/EDIT All Entries . . . on the MAIN ENTRIES PAGE, your new entry will be displayed under ALL ENTRIES
  • When you click on the Groupname or Participant on the ALL ENTRIES page as in the dummy example below, the Edit individual Info form will be displayed
  • You cannot change the item on this form, but you can add / edit the Title of the Performance or add the name of the TRAINER.
  • Click on the Select/Change Trained by button and select the relevant name.
  • NB only the names of registered studios, schools, individual trainers can be added.
  • If the name of the trainer/studio/school does not appear, please request him/her/ the responsible person to register online.


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