Young Performer Awards Competition – Participation details for LIVE performances

Participation details will be published on the ONLINE entry page (where you submitted your entry) as soon as the schedule has been completed. The expected date of publication is 26 – 27 February 2024.

How and where to find the date/time and venues details for a LIVE performance in the Young Performer Awards Competition?

Get your participation details online.

As soon as it was scheduled, the participation details of all Individual and Small Group (2 – 10 participants) entries can be accessed on the MAIN ENTRY page as in the screenshot below (links to this page for INDIVIDUAL and SMALL GROUP entries as well as a seperate one for LARGE GROUP entries have been provided below):

Login with your participant number as when submitting your entries

1) Add your name and Surname,
2)Add your Participant number
3) Click on the LOGIN button

The MAIN MENU of the ONLINE entry platform will be displayed:

Select the Date/Time/Venue for performance option.
All the required information will be published on this page.

Link to individual and Small group Login page:

Click on the button below and login to your online Profile with you unique participant number and password.

Large groups (20+ participants):

Click on the button below and login with the login details of the registered institution (Registration number plus password).

IMPORTANT: If you now realize that you by accident have submitted duplicated entries, you should contact the NEA Office urgently as you are responsible for the total cost of your entries.

Please send an email to and provide full details of the duplicated entry ASAP so that it can be removed.

To provide for possible minor changes, the online schedule will be continuously updated. Please check your online schedule regularly prior to your performance.

Kindly note: A daily entrance fee will be charged at all venues for live performances. No charge for participants, learners in school uniform or preschool children

If you cannot find your participation details online, please send an urgent email with your details to both and


Please note that very limited options for the rescheduling of events is available, except for a possible change of the participant number WITHIN the particular session.

All requests in this regard have to be submitted by e-mail to BEFORE 17 February 2024

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