Young Performer Awards Competition 2020

The National Eisteddfod Young Performer Awards Competition, the most prestigious event of its kind in South Africa for young performers in music, dance and drama , is annually presented over 4 elimination rounds. More than R500,000 in prizes were awarded to top achievers in music, dance and drama in recent years.

*Entries Closed for 2020*
Entries for the National Eisteddfod of SA 2020 season will open soon!

How does one qualify to enter into this competition?

This competition is open for all top achievers in the National Eisteddfod 2019, as well as top achievers who participated in other local eisteddfods / festivals during 2019:

Participants in the annual National Eisteddfod of South Africa®:

  • All recipients of diploma awards in the preceding year qualifies to compete in this competition.
  • Most performance categories are accepted (reading and improvised categories are excluded).
  • Participants can submit their entries ONLINE at a lower entry fee.
  • Hard copy entries are also accepted before the deadline (please note: a higher entry fee is charged for hard copy entries!)

Participants in other festivals / events:

  • Any participant that received a diploma or similar award in any other festival or event may qualify.
  • Most performance categories are accepted (except for reading and improvised categories  that are excluded).
  • Proof of the said achievement needs to be submitted for approval.
  • Entries can only be submitted in HARD COPY format at the applicable entry fee.

What is the format of this competition ?

  • This competition is presented over FOUR rounds.
  • The first round comprises of adjudicated events in each genre, where the adjudicator panels nominate  participants to proceed to the quarter final round.
  • The quarter finals take on a similar format: the adjudicator’s panel for each genre will select 15 – 20 participants / groups that will then compete in the four proceed semi-final rounds. 
  • The 4 semi-final rounds of Young Performer Awards competition are presented in  concert format at a theatre.  Each concert is dedicated to a genre (classical and contemporary music, dance and drama. The best participants in the different categories, as decided by the adjudicators’ panel, are then invited to compete in the final round. 
  • In the final round, a panel of experts representative of the different genres finally decide on the winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
  • An auditors’ company oversees the adjudication process in the semi-final and final rounds.

What is new in the Young Performer Awards 2020?

  • We have taken it to the next level! Individual participants will no longer be limited to only the exact “approved” items as presented at the Eisteddfod in 2019. In addition, the longstanding practice to refer to the school grades of the previous year has been abandoned and will be replaced by the current grades.

  • We have also grouped similar items together to create new broader categories that require a similar “skill set”. (For example: Lyrical Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Free Verse Poetry etc. have been grouped together in a “Poetry Category”). This approach now opens up new opportunities for the serious performer! If you have received a diploma award for any item in this category, you will now also have access to any number of the other items in the same category. In other words:  if you only qualified with your performance of one narrative poem, you will now also be allowed to present more items in the same category.

  • The rationale for this approach is that achievement on diploma level in any category can be considered as confirmation that the participant has acquired the higher skills level required in the given category. This now provides for an opportunity to present additional items within the “approved” skill set and is also an incentive for the participant to stretch his wings.

  • When submitting an entry ONLINE participants will notice that the approved and available items now also reflects their current grades (except for open section!). These items will also includes additional items that form part of the broader approved category, e.g. “Poetry”, “Monologues”, “Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Urban, Inspirational & Rock”, “Classical Keyboard music”, “Public Speaking”, etc.

  • The prize money will also be differently allocated. Although a significant amount will still go towards the Gold Medalist, more cash prizes will also be awarded to various other categories.

Young Performer Awards Competition – Dates for 2020

This provisional programme provides for the 2020 school holidays of public as well as 3 and 4 term independent schools. The major challenge in this regard is that there is NO date in the period 21 March – 4 May where ALL schools are available! Click below for more information.

Provisional Programme for Young Performer Awards Competition 2020

All adjudication sessions will be presented at the Roodepoort Theatre, 100 Christiaan De Wet Road, Roodepoort.

Entry Fees: Young Performer Awards Competition 2020

Entry fees / closing dates for Live Performances at the Roodepoort Theatre

Participants in the 2019 season of the National Eisteddfod of SA:

Entry Type Closing date Individual Entry Ensemble Group (2-5) Small Group (6-10) Larger Group (11+)
Online Early Bird entry2 Feb 2020R 360R 380R 400R 500
Online Normal entry9 Feb 2020R 390R 420R 450R 555
Online Late Bird15 Feb 2020R 445R 480R 510R 610
Hard Copy7 Feb 2020390R 420R 450R 555

Participants in other Festivals / Competitions 2019) during 2019

Entry Type Closing date Individual Entry Ensemble Group (2-5) Small Group (6-10) Larger Group (11+)
Hard copy9 Feb 2020R 390R 420R 450R 555


In order to create an opportunity for more participants in remote regions to compete in this competition, the VIDEO RECORDED category is offered at a reduced fee for participation in the First Round only. Please note that additional charges will apply for selected quarter finalists.

(This information applies to all participants in the 2019 season of the National Eisteddfod of SA , as well as participants in Other Festivals during 2019) wanting to submit Recorded Performances. This is ONLY applicable to adjudication in the FIRST ROUND of the Young Performer Awards Competition).

Closing dates and entry fees for all VIDEO RECORDED PERFORMANCES

Entry Type Closing date Individual Entry Ensemble Group
Small Group
Large Group (11+)
Video Recorded entry ONLY1 March 2020R 330R 350R 350R 400


To cover the cost, an additional one-off fee will be charged for participants that submitted “video” entries when they accept the invitation to compete in the quarter final round. No further charges will apply to subsequent rounds.

Entry Type Due Date Individual Entry Ensemble Group (2-5) Small Group
Large Group (11+)
Hard copy Video EntriesTo be informedR 60R 70R 90R 155

Guidelines for submitting video recorded entries

Performance dates will be published on the Online Entry platform as soon as it becomes available.

How does one submit an entry for the Young Performer Awards Competition?

There are TWO categories of participants with different options and fees for for submitting an entry for the Young Performer Award Competition:

Participants in the 2019 season of the National Eisteddfod of SA:

  • Only participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2019 can submit entries online.  (A discounted entry fee applies to online entries.)
  • Participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2019 can also submit entries in hard copy format. (Please note: a higher entry fee applies).
  • To qualify for the cheaper online fee, entries should be submitted before the relevant deadlines for entries as provided below.

Participants in other festivals / competitions in the year preceding the current competition.

  • Achievement of 90%+ or on diploma level required and proof of achievement should be submitted with the entry / entries.
  • Individual participants and groups can only submit their entries in“Hard copy” format (by e-mail, fax, paper copy)
  • The entry fee and closing date for “Other Festivals” apply
  • An entry should be submitted on the official entry form. 

Important: Participants in other festivals cannot enter ONLINE.

Once you have downloaded and completed the necessary form, it has to be completed and faxed / e-mailed with the necessary supportive documents  attached (proof of payment and achievement in other festival / eisteddfod) to: or 011-787-3534.

Hard copy forms for video recorded entriesDownload entry for Video entry in Ms Word formatDownload entry for Video entry in Pdf format

Guidelines for Video Entries

Who are the previous winners of this competition?

Here is some news about of the achievements of about previous top achievers in the Young Performer Awards:  Read here… 

What does others say about this competition?

This is what our adjudicators said about previous events: Read more.. 

What are the Rules and Regulations for the Young Performer Awards Competition?

Special Requests Young Performer Awards Competition

To provide for possible challenges, participants may submit special request pertaining to availability before the closing date for entries to We will attempt to accommodate all requests submitted in advance, but please note that given the particular demands of this competition, we cannot give any guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests. 

In order to facilitate the adjudication process, events are scheduled according to the participant’s grade (e.g. it does not make sense to schedule a Gr R participant with a group of Gr. 6 learners). For this reason and in the interest of the participant, we will be reluctant to allow any rescheduling of events.

When do I perform in the Young Performer Awards Competition?


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