How to update an individual profile

Updating the individual profile

  • The PARTICIPANT SEARCH form will be displayed
  • For help and hints with the find process, click on  Need Help?
  • Type the NAME and/or SURNAME of your participant in the Name and Surname blocks (NB check your spelling!)
  • Click FIND Participant
    • The Search List will be displayed below the Add Participant button
    • The Search List will contain all the name&surname combinations that correspond with your search options (if any)

  • Carefully search for your participant by comparing his/her name/surname/date of birth/school details with that of the list.
  • When the correct name/surname/date of birth / school combination appears in the list, click on the SELECT button next to the participant details.
  • The Edit Existing or Add new Participant form will be displayed.
  • Update any information in the form that is missing or has changed.
    • Date of birth
    • School grade (NB the school grade should be updated annually)
    • Contact details
    • Ability Code
    • School
      (Please note: a school refers to a public or independent school. In this sense a “studio” is not a school)

For help with searching for and adding the name of the participant’s school, click HERE.

  • Click to Save
  • This takes you back to the Participant Search page where the updated name now appears in the list of Recently added / selected Participants.
  • To update more names, repeat the Find Participant and Edit Existing Participant processes as many times as is necessary.

How to add a new participant

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