How to add a new participant?

Adding a new participant / individual profile

  • Open your internet browser
  • Type NEA URL address:
  • Click on the LOGIN/REGISTER ONLINE tab
  • Click on the LOGIN tab
  • Click LOG IN

Please do a Participant Search BEFORE adding a new participant. (Duplicate profiles cause PROBLEMS)

Click HERE for the Participant Search Help File


  • The PARTICIPANT SEARCH from will be displayed
    • As the names of previous participants remain on the NESA database, is it important not to create DUPLICATE profiles.
    • Before ADDING a NEW PARTICIPANT, you should ALWAYS check if this name has been added before.
    • How to do this: Type the NAME and/or SURNAME of your participant in the name and surname blocks. (NB please check your spelling!)
    • Click HERE for help with using the Participant Search form

    • Any name / surname combination that corresponds with your search options will be displayed.
    • Compare the available name/surname/date of birth/school options with those of your participant.
    • If the name of your participant does not appear in the list, click on the Add NEW Participant button.
    • Only add a new profile when an existing profile does not exist.
  • The Edit Existing or Add new Participant form will be displayed
  • Fill out the form:
    • Ignore the PartId field – this will only displayed after completing the form.
    • As soon as you select the school name, the PartId box will be populated – please note: this number is your unique Participant Number.
  • Click to Save
  • This takes you back to the Participant Search page where the newly added name now appears in the list of Recently added / selected Participants.
  • To add more names, repeat the Find Participant and Add NEW Participant processes.

By following the same procedure, more participants / profiles can be added. All the new names will then be displayed in the list of Recently added / Selected Participants.

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