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e, like millions of people across the world, are all caught-up in a situation, previously unknown to all of us. And there is still no indication when we might reach the end of this seemingly endless dark tunnel of a terrible pandemic.

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and people are increasingly experiencing feelings of anxiety and fear. These feelings of parents also have an impact on their children as children often internalize and take on what they experience through other people.

According to practitioners in mental health it is critical to remain hopeful in circumstances like this. This doesn’t mean that one should have unrealistic expectations. To be hopeful is to focus on a predetermined goal and to believe that one will reach the end goal. One way to achieve this is by setting realistic, short term targets.

Children need structure and routine in a predictable environment, something that many of them currently don’t have. Creating predictable circumstances as far as possible within the given circumstances will help to set them at ease.

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Participation in the National Eisteddfod is a tool that could assist parents in creating a predictable environment for the following reasons:

  • A decision to participate in the eisteddfod will set a achievable short term goal.
  • It will require from the participant to prepare and to focus on a predetermined goal that can be achieved by a predetermined date.

We realize that in the past many participants were entered by their respective schools, which currently is not always possible. The downside of this situation is that parents do not have much experience in entering their kids or providing assistance in the preparation that goes with it.

For this reason we have created an extensive range of help files to guide parents through the process of registering and submitting entries online. If all else fails, the NEA office is always available for support.

In addition we have also created a platform where parents can register for the virtual coaching of their children by members of the NEA Adjudicators Forum.

Help files:

Virtual coaching:
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