Virtual coaching

Virtual Coaching

In response to the many challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the NEA has consulted with members of the NEA Adjudicator’s Forum to find a way to provide support to many young performers that currently do not have access to training in the arts, but are still looking forward to an opportunity to participate in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2020.

We have now established a database of coaches that are available to provide virtual coaching in any of the various genres to interested students.

What does it cost?

A once-off basic registration fee of R 50 will be charged annually for registration on the Virtual Training Platform.

Click HERE for the NEA banking details. (NB the proof of payment should not be e-mailed, but uploaded when completing the registration form online).

The fee for a 30 minute training session will as follows:

  • Foundation phase learners: R 100 per session
  • Intermediate phase learners: R150 per session
  • Senior phase learners: R 175 per session
  • FET phase and open section: R 200 per session

Any agreement regarding the number of training sessions and payment for the training sessions will be between the parent and the coach. Payments should be done to the relevant coach directly.

How do I get in contact with a coach?

The first step is to register online for virtual coaching.

All parents interested in participating in this initiative need to complete an online registration form on behalf of their children.

Click HERE to register Online on the Virtual Training Platform

Once we have received proof of payment of the once-off registration fee of R 50.00, your contact details will be provided to one of the available coaches according to your requirements as per your registration form. Click HERE for the NEA banking details for the payment of the registration fee (NB the proof of payment should not be e-mailed, but uploaded when registering online).

This coach will contact you directly in order to make the necessary arrangements for your very first virtual training session. It is important to share your expectations with the coach right from the start. Kindly refer to the registration form for more details in this regard.

Kindly note that the coach will provide you with his/her banking details and the fee as mutually agreed should then be paid in advance. It will be up to the parent to arrange the terms of the agreement (e.g. will your training will be only a once-off session or once every week, etc.) .

You will then receive an invitation with a link to a scheduled Zoom session from your coach, like the following example:

Example of invitation to a Zoom session.

On the date and time as scheduled for this training session, you need to click on this link as provided by the coach in order to open up the new training session. An example of such link has been provided below:

Exmaple of the Zoom link

When you click on this link, a screen like the following will be displayed.
If you haven’t downloaded or installed Zoom before, you will now be able to do so by clicking on the download and run Zoom button as the one ion the example below, else you can start the session by clicking on launch meeting.

Example of the Zoom page that will be displayed after clicking the link.

Kindly note, should you for any reason fail to honour the appointment as mutually agreed, the coach will be under no obligation to reschedule this appointment without the necessary payment.

Your registration on the Virtual Training Platform will be valid until the end of the year. Once you have registered on the Virtual training platform, you can at any time request to be transferred to a new coach.

Click HERE to register Online on the Virtual Training Platform

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