Speech & drama covers a wide range of categories ranging from solo verse speaking up to one act plays. It provides for all official languages and all material is own choice. 

The National Eisteddfod Prospectus provides comprehensive support material and guidelines for the various categories. It also introduces new categories and perspectives to this genre, like abandoning the use of the “dramatised” label in poetry and prose. The reality is that the concept “undramatised” does not exist!


The National Eisteddfod Academy introduced a new approach to Solo Verse Speaking in 2007. This requires from teachers and participants a greater understanding of the different kinds of poetry, but at the same sime brought about a greater awareness and understanding of the wealth of opportunities imbedded in this genre.

Poetry, in general can be divided into two broad categories, that is Narrative and Lyrical poetry. Both categories can again be subdivided into subcategories which display broadly the same characteristics, however with distinct differences.  The challenge is that it is also possible that certain poems could be categorized into more than one of these subcategories. 

The various categories can be schematically summarized as follows:

Limerick Lyric
Narrative Sonnet
Ballad Ode
Epic Elegy
Free verse Free verse

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