Special Entries


For obvious reasons the National Eisteddfod does NOT allow for the “rescheduling” of events.

If you cannot participate in an event at the time as scheduled, please select one of the scenarios below that applies to your problem and follow the procedure as described:

IMPORTANT: Only ONE request per email – repeat this process for different events! PLEASE NOTE: Failure to adhere to the requirements of the various scenarios will result in the rejection of a request.


SCENARIO 1: The date is fine, but the timing is problematic.

Procedure: Briefly describe your challenge in an EMAIL, provide the “name of the participant, venue, date and time, as well as item number” in the SUBJECT LINE and send to timeproblem@eisteddfod.co.za AT LEAST 3 days prior to the event. We will then notify the venue manager that you might arrive earlier / later as scheduled, with the request to accommodate you as soon as it is possible without causing any inconvenience to other participants. You then need to report your presence to the assistance on your arrival.


SCENARIO 2: You cannot perform on the date / time as scheduled.

Procedure: Pay the required Special Entry fee (R100 per item) per EFT, providing the name & surname of the participant and “Special Entry” as reference, attach a copy of the participant slip or a screen print of the “Display scheduled entries” on the ONLINE page (highlight the problematic event), as well as the proof of payment to an email and forward it to specialentry@eisteddfod.co.za.

A new event will then be scheduled at a later date at the nearest appropriate venue for the particular event. No Special Request for a Special Entry can be provided for. Participation details will ONLY be published ONLINE and NO participant slips will be distributed for this event.


SCENARIO 3: A special request was submitted IN TIME (according to the prescribed method), but was not provided for in the schedule.

Procedure: Please send a copy of this request and the details of the problematic event to ceo@eisteddfod.co.za.


SCENARIO 4: You have been scheduled on the SAME day for events at DIFFERENT venues.

Procedure: Please email details of the events in question, providing NAME, ITEMNR, VENUE, DATE & TIME to clashes@eisteddfod.co.za.

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