Gauteng Department of Education

The National Eisteddfod Academy has signed a constructive partnership with the Gauteng Department of Education in August 2002. 

This partnership accepts that the various disciplines in arts and culture constitute unique ways of knowing which should be developed in all learners.  Consequently, exposure to and involvement in arts and culture activities is the right of each and every learner.   It also accepts that various initiatives should be utilised to address existing needs pertaining to skills development in arts and culture.  Given the pressure on our limited resources, it is also accepted that we should take hands in sharing resources and know-how in order to achieve these goals for the benefit of all learners.


It was agreed that the activities of the National Eisteddfod Academy should in no way be seen as being in competition or opposition with the Tirisano competition or any other programme of the Education Department.  In essence the developmental platform provided by the NEA provides additional support that will enable these programmes to develop and prosper. 


The strategic objective of this partnership is to support the Gauteng Department of Education in creating opportunities for development in and exposure to arts and culture for each and every learner in Gauteng in order to:


  • Expose and develop learners in the various art disciplines in order to tap on hidden talent
  • Create an awareness of arts and culture values in schools and communities
  • Develop educators through active involvement in arts and culture programmes
  • Develop awareness of career opportunities in arts and culture
  • Promote equity and redress imbalances of the past in arts and culture activities

Promote awareness and pride of our multi-cultural diversity.

Albertina Sisulu (National Patron: Dikonokono Festival 2002 – 2011) & Malele Petje (CEO: Gauteng Department of Education) at the signing of the Constructive Partnership Agreement between GDE and the NEA on 12 August 2002


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