Young Artist Award 2020

Semi-finalists National Eisteddfod Young Artist 2020: Click “Display full picture” to enlarge selected picture.

Young Artist Award Competition 2020 – Overview

The  National Eisteddfod Young Artist Award Competition, launched in 2013, provides an opportunity for top achievers in the Creative and Visual Arts. It provides a next level of competition for the future Ester Mahlangu and Irma Sterns of our country.

All artworks will be adjudicated by a panel of adjudicators that will include arts educators and artists from the arts industry.

Calling young Artists!
Are you the future Irma Stern or Ester Mahlangu?

How does one qualify to enter into this competition? 

Participants in the National Eisteddfod 2019

  • All participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa that received Diploma Awards for Visual Arts in 2019 may enter into this competition.
  • Only participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2019 can register their intention to enter online
  • Lower entry fee applies, including an “Early Bird entry fee” for those who submit their entries ONLINE before 14 Feb 2020.

Participants in other festivals or events.

  • Any young artist that received a diploma or similar award in any other Visual & Creative Arts Competition/Festival/Eisteddfod during 2019 may enter.
  • Organizers of other eisteddfods and festivals may also enter their top achievers in Art under the name of their organization.
  • Alternatively, parents of participants in other Visual Arts eisteddfods and festivals are welcome to enter on their own.
  • Schools, institutions, studios, do not necessarily participate in eisteddfods or other festivals or only do so bi-annually. Some of these institutions / studios manage their own internal visual arts events / competitions. In order to create an additional platform for young visual and creative artists, these institutions / studios are invited to enter their top achievers for annual National Eisteddfod Young Artist Award Competition.  The expected level of achievement is high; therefore these entries can only be selected and submitted by the relevant institution. This will usually follow a process of internal selection and cannot be done by individual parents.
  • A copy of the diploma of similar certificate / report as awarded at another festival in 2019 should be attached to the entry.

What is the format of this competition?

Participants are required to submit the same artwork that received a diploma award in 2019 for this next level competition. (A new artwork is not required for this competition!)

The adjudicators’ panel will adjudicate all artworks according to the 2019 school grade of participants. All participants will receive feedback and a certificate to confirm that they have participated in this competition.

The adjudicators will select the best artwork in each grade and will then select a winner in each of the following categories: 

  • Entry Level (Gr. 0 – 3
  • Junior (Gr. 4 – 7)
  • Senior (Grade 8 – Open Section)

The winners of each grade will be invited to the Final Round of the 17th Young Performer Awards Competition on 29 May 2020 at the Roodepoort Theatre. These Grade Winners will be presented with Certificates to this effect. At this event the 3 category winners will be announced and they will be presented with trophies and cash prizes..

How do I submit my Art entry?

The submission or visual art entries involves 3 steps:

  • Submission of your entry on the ONLINE entry platform or as a HARD COPY entry form.
  • Submission of entry fees / proof of payment BEFORE the applicable closing date.
  • Delivering / mailing the particular artwork to the NEA Office.

Art Diploma recipients in the National Eisteddfod

  • Only participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2019 can submit entries online.  (A discounted entry fee applies to online entries.)
  • Participants in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa 2019 can also submit entries in hard copy format. (Please note: a higher entry fee applies).
  • To qualify for the cheaper online fee, entries should be submitted before the relevant deadlines for entries as provided below.

Art Diploma recipients in the other festivals

  • Participants in other festival/events/internal competitions can only submit entries in hard copy format. 
  • Proof of achievement should be submitted with the entry / entries.
  • Entry forms for participants in other festival/events/internal competitions should be downloaded from the website.
  • Entry forms and entry fees should be submitted before the closing date for entries.
  • The entry fee for “Other Festivals” apply

How and where do I submit my Artwork?

All artwork should be submitted to the NEA Offices, either by hand, courier or mail not later than 10 April 2020.

Physical address for delivery by hand:

Bergzicht Office Park
Block 3, Suite 15
Crn Christiaan de Wet & Rooibok Str.
Allen’s Nek, Roodepoort
(opposite Clearwater Mall)

Delivery by courier services:

Strubens Valley
Shop 22 Retail Crossing
Cnr. Nic Diederichs Boulevard & Hendrik Potgieter Dr. Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort, 1724
Contact number: 011 475 0452 / 0481

By registered mail:

National Eisteddfod Academy 
PO Box 1288

Entry Fees and Closing date for entries

Entry Fees DescriptionClosing date for entriesFees due before deadline
ONLINE Early bird fee14 February 2020R 260.00
ONLINE Normal Fee20 March 2020R 290.00
HARD COPY Early Bird fee28 February 2020R 300.00
HARD COPY fee31 March 2020R 340.00
HARD COPY Late Entry10 April 2020R 380.00

Important: Entry fees should be submitted with the ONLINE or HARD COPY entry according to the cut-off date for the particular entry. In order words, an “Early Bird” entry should be paid before the deadline, else the system will automatically charge the higher fees according to the NEXT CUT-OFF date.

National Eisteddfod Academy NPC
ABSA Cheque Account
Account No.: 404 747 8448
Branch Code: 632 005
Quote PAYREF and name of participant as reference

All artwork need to be submitted to the NEA office by 10 April 2020.

For any questions or clarity, please contact the NEA office on  
Tel: 011 886 6005 / fax: 011 787 3534  or

Banking details:

Other National Eisteddfod Events

* Depend on the availability of funding.

Rules and Regulations for the 8th Young Artist Award Competition


  • By entering this competition the participant accepts the rules of the competition as provided below and in supplementary documents on the website.
  • Only diploma level candidates in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa in 2019 or similar achievements in other festivals and competitions may enter.
  • Grades refer to the relevant school grade as in 2019.
  • Entry fees will be determined by the date of submission of the entry.
  • Entry fees / proof of payment should accompany all entries.
  • Entry fees are NOT refundable.
  • The decision of the adjudicators is final and NO correspondence in this regard can be allowed.
  • All artwork will be grouped and adjudicated according to the grade code.
  • All participants should sign a declaration that the artwork as submitted, is their own work.
  • By submitting an entry, a participant gives permission that the NEA may copy images of the artwork for promoting participating in the arts inline with the core business of the the purposes of the National Eisteddfod Academy (e.g. on the website, Facebook, printed material etc.).

Submission of entries

  • Participants should attach a copy of the entry form or a printed screen print of their online entry to each artwork before delivering it to the NEA Office.
  • The theme used for this artwork and the “name” of the piece should be provided in the box on the entry form.
  • All artworks must be submitted to the NEA office not later than 16:00 on 10 April 2020.
  • Address for collection and delivery: Bergzicht Office Park, Block 3, Suite 15, Crn, Christiaan de Wet & Rooibok Str., Allen’s Nek, Roodepoort.
  • Participants should ensure that artworks are carefully packed / wrapped before submitting it to the NEA Office.
  • Please note: The National Eisteddfod Academy will take all reasonable measures to protect artwork, but do not take responsibility for any loss off or damage to artworks due to reasons beyond its control .

Adjudication process

  • A panel of adjudicators will adjudicate all art entries according to the school grade of participants.
  • All participants will receive feedback and a certificate to confirm that they have participated in this competition.
  • The adjudicators will select the best art work in each grade and will then select a winner in each of the following categories: Entry Level (Gr. 0 – 3), Junior (Gr. 4 – 7) & Senior (Grade 8 – Open Section).
  • The names of these winners will be announced on 29 May 2020 at the Roodepoort Theatre.
  • Participants will receive notification when the adjudication has been completed and should then for the collection of their artworks.