Where and when must I submit my art work?

Please take note of the following administration procedures for the entering, submission and adjudication of creative art.

Entries can be submitted ONLINE or in hard copy format on the ENTRY FORM FOR INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES.
● Important: Please note that it is cheaper to enter ONLINE. Hard copy entries (on entry forms) are more expensive due to the fact that the entries need to be captured and verified!!

Closing date for ONLINE VISUAL ART entries is the same as for all other entries.

Closing date for HARD COPY VISUAL ART entries will concur with any of the 3 dates for the submission of the art work. The HARD COPY ENTRY FORM and PROOF of PAYMENT can be submitted by fax/email in advance, or should at the latest be submitted with the art work.

Please note: Visual Art entries will be adjudicated in 3 sessions. Entries should reach the NEA Office in time to be adjudicated in any of the following 3 sessions*:

Session 1: 31 July 2024
Session 2:
31 August 2024
Session 3:
20 September 2024

* Art works that will be adjudicated at participating institutions are excluded from these dates as the submission dates will be communicated internally by these institutions.

Once the entries have been processed, every participant will receive a participant slip containing a special Art Reference Number. This slip will also contain a Declaration of own work that MUST be completed by the PARTICIPANT or PARENT Any adult assistance and / or use of reference material in the making of the art work needs to be declared.

● If this participant slip is not available at the time of submission, a copy of the hardcopy Art Entry Form can be downloaded, completed and attached to the artwork.

● Artworks should NOT be framed, but care should be taken when packing / covering it in a convenient way in order to prevent damage.

● Please note that the NEA will not be able to submit any entry for adjudication if the required participant slip and declaration or copy of the art entry form has not been attached.

Artwork to be adjudicated at a specific institution :

(Only when the institution has arranged it with NEA Offices in advance. The date for submission will be communicated to the participants at that specific institution):
● to reach the contact person at the institution at least one week before the scheduled adjudication date.
● to be adjudicated on predetermined dates as arranged with the relevant adjudicator.

Copies of all literary work and music entries in manuscript format, should be forwarded to the following e-mail address: entry@eisteddfod.co.za (the same requirements with regard to the participant slip and the declaration of own works apply).

The availability of results and certificates for collection will be announced by email or on the National Eisteddfod Facebook page and on Twitter. By following the NEA on Facebook (www.facebook.com\nearsa) or Twitter (twitter.com/eisteddfodSA), you will receive a first-hand update of progress in this regard.

Once the adjudication has been completed you will be informed by e-mail as soon as the results and art works are ready for collection. All artwork and certificates should then be collected from the NEA office before 30 November 2024.

The NEA Office will, on request, return art works and certificates to a participant’s nearest PostNet branch. (The cost for returning any art work by courier will be for the account of the original sender / participant. This fee is determined by the weight and size of the parcel, but seldom exceeds the basic fee of R 109).

ADDRESS FOR HAND DELIVERY (during Office hours 08:00 – 15:00)

Suite 15, Block 3
Bergzicht Office Park
Cnr Christiaan de Wet and Rooibok Ave

Bergzicht Office Park is located opposite Clearwater Mall


POSTNET Strubens Valley
Shop 22 Retail Crossing, Cnr. Nic Diederichs Boulevard & Hendrik Potgieter Drive
Roodepoort, 1724
Contact number: 011 475 0452 / 0481

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