What makes us different

People often refers to an eisteddfod as something that can boost confidence without understanding the reason behind this phenomenon.

The NEA came to the understanding that this phenomenon relates to one of the basic needs of human beings, namely “the desire for respect and recognition”.  A significant feature of the way in which the NEA operates is therefore the way in which the NEA has linked this need for recognition and respect with the magic of the arts. In doing so the NEA has developed the traditional eisteddfod into a powerful tool that supports the personal growth of participants.

To our knowledge this phenomenon has not yet been formally researched, however this outcome can be considered as unique to the arts.  In laymen’s terms the NEA therefore describes this outcome as the “magical workings” of the arts in the minds of the young (and older!) performers!

The National Eisteddfod Academy strongly believes in the power of the arts as a tool to bridge the gap between communities and individuals, building self-confidence and self-esteem in participants.

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