Young Performer Awards Program – Quarter Final Round

Young Performer Awards Competition 2024


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Venue: Roodepoort Basement Theatre:

Date 9 April 2024

Updated Program – Quarter Final Round Contemporary Music


Date: 10  April 2024

Program – Quarter Final Round Speech and Drama


Date 11 April 2024

Program – Classical and Crossover Music


Dance Section: Names of selected Quarter Finalists

As in 2023, we had only one combined first and second round for dancing during which the members of the adjudicators’ panel selected the names of the QUARTER FINALIST in the DANCE section. Both live and video performances were considered in this process.  All these participants will receive QUARTER FINALIST certificates to confirm their status as Quarter Finalists.

After selecting these names of the quarter finalists, the panel finally had to rank the top performers in each category. Based on this ranking, the final selection of the Semi-Finalists will be done. These Semi-finalists will compete on 9 May 2024 in the Semi-final round at the Roodepoort Theatre. These names will be published on our Facebook page and webpage within the next few days.

Selected Quarter Finalists in the Dance Section



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