Rescheduling: Important information

Please note: if the TIME, DATE or VENUE on your online profile is still blank, the entry has not yet been scheduled. All schedules will be finalized by 15 Sep, if not earlier. This also applies to rescheduled entries, as well as late entries. Depending on the numbers, this might continue after the upcoming school holidays.

All participants should take note of the following requirements regarding their participation in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa.

All details of participation (date, time and venue) were published ONLINE. As communicated earlier on, the attached copies of participant slips are now ONLY distributed to institutions / individuals that spesifically requested it on their registration form (online or hardcopy).

Kindly distribute this information regarding participation in the National Eisteddfod to the relevant participants as soon as possible. Any spelling error or incorrect information in this document will also appear on the printed certificate. Kindly update any errors on the Online Entry Platform where necessary.

Should a candidate due to reasonable circumstances not be able to arrive on time for a scheduled event, he will be allowed to perform on the SAME DAY and should request the assistant to report his arrival to the adjudicator who will then accommodate him/her ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Please note that NO rescheduling of events other as mentioned above can be allowed. Due to the cost involved, the rescheduling of events has been replaced by a process of SPECIAL ENTRIES. For more information regarding this process kindly go to and select the “Special Entry” tab.


ADJUDICATION: The NEA is committed to provide adjudication that reflects the values of the NEA. Should you believe that we did not live up to these standards, you are welcome to submit your grievance in writing within 7 days of the event, attaching the necessary supportive documentation, for the attention of the CEO, National Eisteddfod Academy (fax: 011-787-3534 or e-mail
► Kindly note that the candidate(s) should participate on the day as published online.
► Please report at the venue at least 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time. (Above-mentioned time indicates the START of a session and not the exact time for an individual performance).
► No “rescheduling“of events is allowed. Kindly refer to the Rules and Regulations for information regarding “Special Entries“. Go to and select the “Special Entries” tab for more info.
► VENUE: No refreshments are allowed in venues.
► Kindly switch of all cell phones.
 Day ticket: R 35 (valid at all venues on date of issue).
 Specialized venues: R 50 (e.g. for dance and contemporary music (valid at all specialized venues on date of issue).
 Season ticket: R 100 (valid at all venues / sessions)
 Admission for participants, preschoolers and learners in school uniform – free.
► ENQUIRIES: TEL: 011-886-6005 (08:00 – 16:00) / FAX: 011-787-3534 / E-MAIL:

Important information regarding the rescheduling of events

For obvious reasons the National Eisteddfod does NOT allow for the rescheduling of events.

If you cannot participate in an event at the time as scheduled, please select ONE of the scenarios below that applies to your problem and follow the procedure as described.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than ONE problem, submit ONLY ONE request per email – repeat this process for different events!

The DATE is fine, but TIME is problematic:


a) In the SUBJECT LINE of the e-mail, provide the “NAME of participant, VENUE, DATE and TIME, and ITEM NO” ;

b) BRIEFLY describe your challenge with this time in an EMAIL

c) Mail to, AT LEAST 3 days PRIOR to the event.

We will then notify the venue manager that you might arrive earlier / later as scheduled, with the request to accommodate you as soon as it is possible without causing any inconvenience to other participants. You then need to report your presence to the assistance on your arrival.

You cannot perform on the date / time as scheduled.

Any change to the DATE of an event is subject to the payment of the SPECIAL ENTRY FEE of R 105.00 per ITEM


a) Pay the required Special Entry fee (R 105.00 per item) per EFT as follows:

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: National Eisteddfod Academy
Account Number: 404 747 8448
Branch Code: 632 005

b) Provide the following as reference (compulsory!): NAME & SURNAME or PARTICIPANT number of the participant , Special entry.

c) Compile an e-mail to with the NAME & SURNAME or PARTICIPANT number of the participant , Special entry in the SUBJECT LINE.

d) Attach a copy of the participant slip or, a screen print of the Display scheduled entries on the ONLINE page (highlight the problematic event),

e) Attach proof of payment and email to

A new event will then be scheduled at a later date at the nearest appropriate venue for the particular event.

You must accept that LIMITED options for Special Requests are available. Participation details will be published ONLINE ONLY and NO participant slips will be distributed for this event!

A Special request was submitted, but not considered.

A special request was submitted IN TIME (according to the prescribed method), but was not provided for in the schedule.

Procedure: Please send a copy of this request as initially submitted and the details of the problematic event to

You have been scheduled on the SAME day for events at DIFFERENT venues.

Procedure: Please email details of the events in question, providing NAME, ITEMNR, VENUE, DATE & TIME to


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