Payment Options

The National Eisteddfod Academy NPC was accepted by the Loving Thy Neighbour NPC as a receiving organization.

Loving Thy Neighbour NPC provides other charities with a visibility platform and specialised support with donations, collections and payments.

What is the value of this association?

  • It provides a secure platform for paying entry fees online
  • It provides a secure platform for supporting the NEA by means of small (as little as R50 ) monthly contributions that will be used to create access to the National Eisteddfod for people that cannot afford it.

January is normally not an “easy” month as far as cash flow is concerned. This is true of many households (as well as the NEA!)

We received many requests in the past to find a manageable way to soften the blow of entry fees so early in the year. The LTN platform now offer such a solution.

By registering as a “giver” on the LTN website, a parent can pay the entry fees by means of a debit order on the LTN website. Payments can be created as (preferably not more as) 3 monthly installments. Although it will reflect as “Donations” this payments will be allocated to the entry fees of the relevant participant(s).

At the same time this platform provides a secure way of donating toward s supporting the cause of the National Eisteddfod Academy

To register as a “giver” (either to pay entry fees or to make a donation towards the NEA cause) click on the NEA logo below:

The NEA logo button will take you directly to the secure Loving Thy Neighbour website