How to enter

“How to enter” – guidelines


When asking the How to enter?  question,  it also implies two other questions:  namely the When? and How much?  questions.

Different entry fees and closing dates apply to the following:

A summary of all the different entry fees and closing dates are available HERE


Two basic options for submitting entries are available:


  • Hardcopy entries
    Entries need to be submitted on a paper copy of the the entry form or by completing a MsWord copy of the entry form – these forms needs to be mailed, emailed or hand delivered to the NEA Office where it will be processed.

    • For a hardcopy entry you need the following:
        • A copy of the current Prospectus (either printed of as Pdf file on your computer)
        • A copy of the Registration form (either printed or as MsWord document on your computer)
        • A copy of the Entry form  (either printed or as MsWord document on your computer) (Download a copy)
  • Online entries
    Online entries are submitted directly onto the NEA online database by the parent or school  and should be done with great care as the NEA office does not take responsibility for spelling errors on incorrect entries. These however can be easily corrected by the parent of school prior to the scheduling of events.Submitting entries online involve the following steps  that are explained in the following links:

  • Other questions
    There are many other questions that might pop up along the line.  The FAQ Helpfiles aims to provide solutions for these questions. Additional questions and answers are also available on the ONLINE ENTRY page.  If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send an email to with details about your query.