How to enter the National Eisteddfod

DRAFT – please email details of issues that need further clarification to

Go to (You are on this website now!) Select the Register / Login button on the top menu bar.

1) Select Register if you haven’t done so before. Complete the online form by selecting one of the options on the 1st page. NB Parents or individuals entering on their own should select the “Individual registration” option.

2) On completion you will receive a user-code and password. (Mail this info to yourself for future reference).

3) Go back to the starting point (Register/login), select the Login button. A new form will be displayed asking for the info provided (see 2 above) and your email.

4) The MAIN menu contains all the important buttons. Please pay great attention to the contents of each page as it should guide you through the process. If not clear on a topic, select the Help option at the page.

5) The first step now should be to UPDATE your registration profile (Option 1 on the Main Menu) – important info is required!

6) The next step is to add individual participants before any entries can be added. Important! Please check for existing profiles for any individual as duplicates can create problems!

7) Add your entries!