How to enter an ensemble or small group item

Help file for adding ensemble/small group entries:

Option 1: Adding the participants before adding the entry

First time users:
Important: you first need to REGISTER online before you can add any participant and submit entries. The process of registering online can be compared to that of “opening an account” ( or billing account in the eisteddfod context). The billing account is the home address of all entries submitted with that account reference. All communication regarding dates and times of participation will go the address as provided on the billing account profile.

For HELP with the process of registering an ONLINE profile click HERE

Once you have registered online, you can login to the National Eisteddfod ONLINE entry platform.

For HELP with the process of logging in ONLINE, click HERE

Important: once you have registered online and logged in with your username and password, you are ready to start the process of submitting an entry.

Please remember that submitting an entry ONLINE comprises of 2 steps

  • Adding new participants / Selecting and updating existing participants
  • Adding an Entry

When you login the MAIN MENU will be displayed.

The first step now is to ADD your participants

Even if it is the first time that you will be submitting an entry online, it is important to check if any of the participants you want to add, hasn’t been added before (e.g. by the school). The only reason for this checking is to prevent the creation of duplicate profiles for the same person.

Click on UPDATE /ADD Participants 2020

For HELP with the process finding participants that were previously added ONLINE, click HERE.

Once you have added a new participant or updated an existing profile the system will return to the PARTICIPANT SEARCH page where the name of the new or updated participant will appear in the list of RECENTLY ADDED /SELECTED PARTICIPANTS.

Repeat the process of Searching for a name, updating the profile or adding new participants until all the names you need are displayed in your SEARCH LIST

Click BACK to return to the MAIN MENU

The second step now is to proceed with ADDING a new ENTRY

Click on UPDATE /ADD Entries 2020
Click on ADD new Entry on the MAIN ENTRIES page.

On the Select Item and Participants page select one of the following options according to the number of participants that will be involved in your new entry. E.g. if it is for a small group or 2 participants click the Ensemble group (2 – 5 participants) button.

On the Select Genre page select the applicable genre.
If you want to submit an entry in the Speech and Drama genre, click the Drama – Speech and Drama button.

The Speech and Drama section provides the following 4 possibilities where you need to click on the applicable option, e.g. Speech and Drama English

The Select Table A page will provide all the possible options for ensemble groups with 2 – 5 participants in the English Speech and Drama Group.

SELECT any one of the available options to display the options on the Select Table B page, e.g. English Scenes & theatre work:

For an English Scene with 2 participants (Duologue) select the code 6035 item on top of the list.

The Select Table C- Grade page will now provide the list of available school grades or phases for the selected item. My selected participants are all in Gr. 0 – 3, therefore I should select the Foundation Phase button (Grade code: 13). Click on the Select button next to Foundation Phase Group.

This will now take you to the Participants Search/Select – Ensemble group 2-5 page. Please note that NO names have currently been added to your item.

Click on the Search/Add Participant button.
All the names of Recently Added / Selected Participants will now be displayed.

Click on Select next to the name of the 1st participant that you want to add to the entry . This name will now appear on the next page under Participants Currently Selected for this Small / Medium Group Entry (you will recall that this space was previously blank!)

Click again on the Search/Add Participant button. This will take you back to the list of Recently Added / Selected Participants where you can now select the next participant for your item.

IMPORTANT: Please note note that you will not be able to EDIT any existing profile on this stage. You will be able to ADD NEW participants, but this should only be done on this stage if you are 100% sure that the participant in question has not been added before).

As a Duologue can only have TWO participants, you have now reached the final step of adding an entry:

  • The Entry Final Step and Save page will display the full description of you item, the item number, as well as the selected participants for your entry.
  • Check if all the information as displayed is correct. If you have selected the wrong participant, click on If you want to change selected participants, click HERE. You can now remove any selected participant and Search for or add the correct participant.
  • If the selected item is incorrect, rather click on CANCEL ENTRY and start over.)
  • Add the title of the poem (if available – if not available yet, you can still add it on a later stage).
  • Select the Performance Mode (Live, virtual or video entry). If needed, it will be possible to change this selection on a later stage.

For more information on the various performance modes, click HERE.

Once you are satisfied that everything seems fine, click the SAVE ENTRY button.

The TOTALS OF ENTRIES AND RECEIPTS page will now be displayed, providing the Payment Ref code for this entry. This code will link any payment to your online profile and MUST be provided as reference when doing an EFT payment (without this code, the NEA office will not be able to identify your payment in order to link it to your account).

Click on BACK to return to the ALL ENTRIES page where all entries as submitted under your billing account will be displayed:
One of the names of the participants in this entry will appear in the Group name / Participant column, followed by ++ (this indicates an item that involves more than one participant).

When you click on the Group name or Participant column the Edit Small Group Info form will be displayed. You can use this form to replace any participant in the small group whenever necessary. When making changes, always Click to Save.

Please note that the following 2 columns are still blank:
* Trainer &
* Sched

  • Trainer:
    This column provides for the name of the studio involved in the coaching or the participant in this item.
  • To add the name of a trainer click on the names in the Groupname or Participant column on the left. This will take you to the Edit Small Group Info page.

For help with adding the name of the training studio, click HERE.

“Sched” stands for “Schedule” – details of date, time and venue of participation where applicable will be displayed in this column where you can retrieve it once the entry has been scheduled.

For help in accessing details of participation, click HERE.

You can click on the names++ in the Group name or Participant column at any time to replace a participant in the small group or to update the title of the item. You also use this option to add / update the name of the studio responsible for the training that needs to be printed on you certificate. When making changes, always Click to Save.

End of OPTION 1 Help file for Small Group Entries

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