How to enter a large group item

Help file for adding medium & large group entries:

First time users:
Important: you first need to REGISTER online before you can add any participant and submit entries. The process of registering online can be compared to that of “opening an account” ( or billing account in the eisteddfod context). The billing account is the home address of all entries submitted with that account reference. All communication regarding dates and times of participation will go the address as provided on the billing account profile.

For HELP with the process of registering an ONLINE profile click HERE

Once you have registered online, you can login to the National Eisteddfod ONLINE entry platform.

For HELP with the process of logging in ONLINE, click HERE

Once you have registered online and logged in with your username and password, you are ready to submit an entry online.

When you login the MAIN MENU will be displayed.

Click on the UPDATE /ADD Entries 2020 button.

Click on ADD new Entry on the MAIN ENTRIES page.

On the Select Item and Participants page select one of the following options according to the number of participants that will be involved in your new entry. E.g. if it is for a group of 11 – 20 participants select the Medium sized group (11 – 20 participants) option. For more than 20 participants, select the Large group entry option.

On the Select Genre page select the applicable genre, e.g. music, dance, drama.
For an entry in the Speech and Drama genre, click the Drama – Speech and Drama option.

The Speech and Drama section provides the following 4 possibilities where you need to click on the applicable option, e.g. Speech and Drama English

The Select Table A page will provide all the possible options for medium or large groups in the English Speech and Drama Group.

SELECT any one of the available options, e.g. English Choral verse to display the available options on the Select Table B page:

In this instance, only one option is available. Click on Select to continue.

The Select Table C- Grade page will now provide the list of available school grades or phases for the selected item. For example: the members of my group are all in Gr 4 – 6, therefore I select the Intermediate Phase group option.

The Entry Final step and SAVE – Large/Medium group 11 or more page will now be displayed. The content of this form is the “profile” for medium and large group items and needs to be completed with great care.

Complete the compulsory sections as highlighted in the yellow box, as well as the rest of this medium/large group profile:

  • Number of participants in the group
  • The title of the poem (if not available yet, you can still add it later).
  • The name of the group (NB this name will be printed on your certificate!)
  • The name and contact details of the group’s couch or teacher.
  • Details of a special request, if any.
  • Performance mode: live, virtual, or alternatively change to video entry.

To complete, click the SAVE ENTRY button. This will now take you to the next page where you will also find the Payment Reference code that needs to be used as reference when paying the entry fees.

Please keep record of the PAYMENT Ref Code and the entry fee as you need this info to pay the entry fees. (You can also do a screen print by pressing the Ctrl button and P simultaneously.)

Click on BACK to proceed to the next page.

You will now reach the ALL ENTRIES page where all your entries, like the current one, will be displayed, e.g. EN02-6017-14, English Choral verse… etc.

Please note that the name of the group (“The Dream Choral verse group”) now appears in the Group name or Participant column.

When you hover with your mouse over the name of the group, an icon will be displayed. When you need to update the group item profile, just click on the name of the group to open the Edit Large/Medium Group Info page.

As soon as the entry has been scheduled, the date, time and venue for the performance will be displayed in the Sched column (currently blank).

Click on BACK to return to the MAIN ENTRIES page.

For help in accessing details of participation, click HERE.

End of OPTION 1 Help file for Medium / Large Group Entries

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