How to cope with Covid-19

How can parents help their children to cope with Covid-19?

According to practitioners in mental health it is critical to remain hopeful in circumstances like this. They suggest that one way to do so is to focus on a predetermined goal and to believe that one will reach the end goal. One way to achieve this is by setting realistic, short term targets. 

These practitioners also suggest that one needs to create predictable circumstances for children to help them to cope with the loss of  structure and routine in their daily lives. The National Eisteddfod provides an opportunity where parents can create a “predictable environment”:

  • A decision to participate in the eisteddfod will set a achievable short term goal.
  • It will require from the participant to prepare and to focus on a predetermined goal that can be achieved by a predetermined date.

If you wish to consider the possibility of entering your child, but need more information about what you should do, please continue reading…