How to add a trainer to an entry

How to add the name of your studio or trainer to your entry

Important: Only studios or institutions that are currently registered on our database can be added as a studio or training institution.

When the name of a participant’s school (where applicable) has been added to his/her online profile, this school name will be printed on all the participant’s certificates. This also serves to acknowledge the school when the participant is trained/coached for a particular item by this school

Some participants are however trained / coached by trainers at studios that are not linked to a school, or sometimes by an extra-curricular centre at another school. These studios and institutions also expect to be acknowledged for the achievements of their students.

If you wish to have the name of your studio printed on your certificate, the name of the studio or institution must be linked to every entry of participants that they train.

How do one do this?

  1. Follow the usual procedure to login onto the ONLINE Entry website.
  2. On the MAIN MENU, click on the UPDATE/ADD Entries 2020 button.

3. On the MAIN ENTRIES page, CLICK the DISPLAY/EDIT All entries / Payment Reference / Trainer button.

4. This will take you to the ALL ENTRIES page where all your current entries will be displayed, e.g.

5. Click on the Name next to the item number in the Groupname or Participant column. (You will notice that the Trainer column is currently blank).
6. Once you have selected the entry, the Edit Individual Info page will be displayed. You will also notice that the Trained by line is currently blank.

7. Click on the Select / Change Trained by button.
8. This will now bring up the Trained By Institution Search / Select page.

9. Type the name of your studio (or portion of the name) in the blank box next to Please enter Institution name….. (for example “dream”) and CLICK on Search Institution.

10. The search action will now display all the names that contain the phrase “dream”
11. Click on Select next to the applicable school / studio, e.g. School of Dreams.

12. The name of your studio or training institution will now appear in the Trained by line, e.g.:

13. Whenever you need to change the name of your training studio or institution, you only need to click on the Select / Change Trained by button again and repeat the same procedure.

Please note: Only Studios / Institutions that have a registered profile on the National Eisteddfod database can be selected as a “training” institution.

14. On all documentation like the printed certificates, this information will now be printed, e.g.
(Please note this is only an example to demonstrate what happens with the information as selected. In this example the name of the “trainer” was not really necessary as it is the same as the name of the “school”!

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