How do I register online

How do I register online?

Go to

Click on the Register / Login button on the right hand side of your screen:

Then scroll down until you see the following

Click on the NEW button to create a new account.

(DO NOT create a new account if you had one in the past, but lost the login details – please send an e-mail to to request you existing login details).

If you haven’t registered before, click on the NEW button to go to Part 1 of 5 of the registration process.

PART 1/5


  • If you are a parent / individual participant, please select the INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION category
  • If you are an authorized representative of a public or independent school, please select the SCHOOL category
  • If you are the owner or representative of a studio, select the STUDIO category.
  • No PARENT may register on behalf of a school / studio


PART 2/5

Select the PROVINCE where you are located. If you want to submit a video recorded entry, select EISTEDDFOD IN THE CLOUDS

PART 3/5

In your selected province, select your REGION of participation, e.g. in Gauteng you can select one of the following regions:






PART 4/5

From the available options in your selected REGION, please select your LOCAL AREA of participation.

This selection will determine the venues where you will be participating, e.g. in JOBURG NORTH REGION, the following LOCAL AREAS are available. (New local areas may be added, but please make sure that you do not duplicate an existing local area!)

If necessary, you will be able to change this selection at a later stage!  Don’t worry too much about it NOW!

PART 5/5

This section is of critical importance! Please ensure that your spelling is correct as this information might be displayed on all the printed documentation that concerns you!

All the information indicated with * should be provided. The answer to the human test is 54. Then click on SAVE to proceed (or else you will lose everything that you have added so far!

When the registration was successful you will receive a message with you user code and pass word, e.g.

To print this information, hold down the Ctrl Key and press P simultaneously and keep the printout for further reference.  (Should you lose this information,  you will have to email to

Congratulations!  You are now registered on the NEA online platform!

Proceed directly by clicking the LOGIN BUTTON at the bottom of the REGISTRATION PROCESS COMPLETED page.

Enter your User code, Password and e-mail to login

The MAIN LOGIN PAGE (that looks very similar to the initial registration page) will now be displayed.

You will also notice a number of new buttons at the bottom of the page where additional information is provided.

These buttons are:

  • Banking details – NEA banking details are available here
  • Need help? – Provides answers on FAQ’s
  • View available venues – details of available dates and venues in the various regions and local areas are provided
  • Eisteddfod Dates – details of the broad time frame for evens in the various regions
  • View Areas – details of the various provinces and regions currently available (new regions are added as they become available)
  • Video entries – information about the rules and requirements for video recorded entries.

You are now able to check the available venues in the local area that you have selected.  The NEA provides a wide range of options! You should therefore confirm that you are available for participation on the available dates of the various venues in the selected LOCAL AREA.  If not, another nearby LOCAL AREA might be more suitable for you.


Click on the UPDATE Billing Account button. The following page that requires some additional information is now displayed. Please provide the missing information

The following sections are important:

  • Do you use a 3 or 4 term calender?
  • How should we provide you with details of participation? (we will in future not send out participant slips by default )
  • How will you manage the submission of entries?
  • Hosting of events:
  • Details of the Principal and Eisteddfod Representative:
  • It is also of critical importance that you bring any dates on your calendar that are not available for eisteddfod participation to our attention. For this purpose you can also submit a special request form for schools (there is also one available for individuals).

IMPORTANT: Click on SAVE ENTRY once you have completed this section, or lose all changes!

Should you wish to change your selected province / region / local area on this stage, you can do so by selecting the Change Province / Region / Area.


IMPORTANT: Remember to Click on SAVE ENTRY again, or lose all new changes!

Once you are satisfied that everything on your profile is correct and updated and you have SAVED all information, you can click on the BACK button to return to the MAIN MENU.