Eisteddfod in the Cloud

The Eisteddfod in the Cloud allows anyone in the country (and in the world!) to participate in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa® by means of a video recorded entry.

Although an important part of the “magic” – that is to perform in front of an audience – might be missing when performing for the eye of an camera only, it still presents a valuable opportunity to get informed feedback on your performance!

Although specific requirements are set for the recording of a performance, the presence of an audience is welcomed and is therefore NOT excluded.

  • To enter the Eisteddfod in the Cloud, you need to submit a video recording of your performance before the closing date for video entries
  • Video entries can be submitted in various formats, including DVD, memory stick, YouTube channels and other ways of internet cloud-based computer transfer services like WeTransfer and DropBox. 

How do I submit a video recording in the Eisteddfod Cloud?

Video Entry and Registration forms should be submitted WITH a video entry.

PLEASE NOTE: Video entries can currently not be entered on the ONLINE platform. Hard copy entry forms need to be completed and submitted WITH the entry

Download a copy of the Video Entry form below:

Video entries can be submitted in one of the following formats:

1) Video recording in DVD, or flash disk format, etc.
2) Video recording submitted via the internet (e.g. DropBox, WeTransfer, YouTube Channel)

Entry and Registration forms need to be submitted WITH the entry in all instances.

  • The video recorded entry should reach the National Eisteddfod BEFORE 16:00 on Friday 20 Sep 2019.
  • The media (DVD, flash disk, etc.) must be clearly marked with your name, etc.
  • Copies of the Registration form, Entry form and proof of payment should accompany the recording.

Once you have downloaded and completed the necessary entry forms, please fax / e-mail it with proof of payment to the following address that will enable us to track your entry:

entry@eisteddfod.co.za or 011-787-3534.

IMPORTANT: Please include a copy of your entry form when submitting the actual recording.
Refer to How to submit your VIDEO RECORDED entry for more details about the process.

How to submit your VIDEO RECORDED entry?

Closing dates and entry fees for all VIDEO RECORDED PERFORMANCES

Entry TypeClosing dateIndividual EntrySmall Group (2-5)Large Group (11+)
Video Recorded entry ONLY20 Sep 2019R 180R 200R 250