Creative Arts

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ART THEMES FOR 2022  –  2024

1) Participants should use any of the following themes to define the “story” behind their art work:

A perfect day

Rescue dog that became my friend

A day at the seaside

Drama at the seaside

My secret place

Who am I

In the tree tops

Living in in a parallel world

A simple peace.

Water – our precious heritage


2) Participants do not necessarily have to work in any of the themes above, but the art piece then should have ideas that back it up. 

Own Choice
(Participant can select any topic to interpret. Details of this topic should be provided)

Details of the selected Theme or Own Choice topic should be provided on the entry and declaration form that should be attached to each art work.

The Creative Arts section provides for the following categories:

  • Music composition – classical and contemporary
  • Literary work
  • Visual arts
    • Fine arts
    • Sculpture
    • Printmaking
    • Design
  • Photography
  • Traditional African Arts & Craft
  • Audio-Visual Productions


Rules and Regulation for Creative Arts:

  • The purpose of this category is to promote the creation of new compositions, poems, dramas, paintings, etc.
  • Please note that COPYRIGHT need to be observed and respected in all aspects of the creative arts. Therefore the tracing of existing images is not allowed. The copying of existing images for the development of techniques as used in the training process of students will be accepted, provided that this source reference is fully acknowledged in the Declaration if Own Work that needs to be submitted with each art entry. 
  • All works entered into this section should be inspired by any of the themes for 2022– 2024 as provided above.
  • Literary creations can be submitted in either written or typed format. A performance of the work is not required.
  • Music entries must be submitted in staff notation (notation in solfa will also be accepted). A recording of the work is not required, but can be submitted together with the printed notation.
  • By entering into this category participants grant the NEA permission to display or use outstanding work in any way at Showcase events or to promote the activities of the NEA.
  • It speaks for itself that all creative work should be original works by the participant that enters the eisteddfod. Therefore it implies that the participant (and NO ONE else) is the creator of the work in the form that the entry is submitted. The participant may seek advice, but should compose the piece as submitted.
  • No item entered in any other section of the syllabus may be entered in this category.
  • A copy of the Creative Arts Participant slip MUST be attached to each entry.
  • The declaration as provided on the Creative Arts Participant slip must be completed and attached to each entry. If the Creative Arts Participant slip is not available, a copy of an art entry form and the declaration as provided at the end of this category must be completed and attached to each entry.
  • All entries should be submitted ONLINE or in HARDCOPY format before the applicable CLOSING DATE for entries. Proof of payment with the necessary payment reference code or the name of the participant should be submitted by e-mail to
  • All completed art works should be delivered to the NEA office or the venue where it will be adjudicated, before or on the closing date for submission.
  • Care should be taken be taken when packing art works to prevent damage in transit.
  • Art work should NOT be framed. If submitted in a frame the, NEA does not take responsibility for any damage to either the glass or frame.
  • Art works submitted by mail or courier should preferably insured against possible damage while in transit.
  • The National Eisteddfod Academy will take all reasonable measures to protect and prevent damages to art work, but does not accept responsibility for any damage to art works submitted for adjudication.
  • All artwork, adjudicators’ reports and certificates will be ready for collection once the adjudication process has been completed. A message in this regard will be posted on Facebook and Twitter (in order to be notified participants need to like / follow us on Facebook and / or Twitter.)
  • If you are not in the position to collect your artwork(s), you may request the NEA Office to pack and forward your artworks (and certificates) to your nearest PostNet branch. This will be actioned once proof of payment of the PostNet fee has been received (currently R99.00).
  • All artworks that receive diploma awards automatically qualify to be entered for the Young Artist Award Competition to be presented in the following year. Details of entry fees, etc. will be available on the webpage in January.

Dates for submission: Art works can be submitted to the NEA Office on the following dates between 08:00 – 15:00:

  • Session 1: Primary School entries – 29 July – 5 August 2022
  • Session 2: Secondary School entries – 26 August – 2 September 2022
  • Session 3: Primary / Secondary School entries – 16 – 23 September 2022
  • Session 4: All late entries – last opportunity: 11 – 15 October 2022
  • Adjudication of art work at other hosting venues:
    The date(s) for submission will be communicated to you by the relevant institution.

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To access the complete   Part 10: Creative Arts Section  extract from Prospectus 2022– 2024, login to the secure NESA Online Entry platform. If not registered yet, you will be able to do so now. Login HERE