Confidence Builder

Confidence Builder 

Confidence builder provides for participants that would like to perform for the pure joy of it, without the pressure of the competition element. It does not involve any “grading” of the performance and no “marks” or  “awards” will be presented.

Confidence Builder

The MAGIC of the performing Arts as an educational tool is entrenched in the action of performance. This action of performing for other people provides the participant with confirmation of his value as human being and fulfills his basic need for respect and recognition, building self-respect and self-esteem.

Many participants are often FRIGHTENED by the mere idea of performing in front of other people or to be adjudicated. Therefore they never experience the effect of this MAGIC in their lives.

Other participants (and parents)  might prefer to enjoy the OPPORTUNITY provided by the Eisteddfod to perform and participate, but WITHOUT the competitive edge!

The newly introduced NEA Confidence Builder will provide a possible solution for both:

  • The NEA Confidence Builder provides for the participant that needs to build confidence and self-esteem without the fear for failure and the pressure to be “adjudicated”.
  • The NEA Confidence Builder provides for participants that would like to perform without being subjected to the competition element.


The NEA Confidence Builder does not involve any “grading” system , in other words no “marks” or  “awards” will be presented.  Subsequently, the NEA Confidence Builder does not involve any pressure, comparison or competition. Brief feedback will be provided on what you have achieved (not about what you can’t do!)

The most important achievement will be to enjoy your performance!  The NEA Confidence Builder can be used by both the serious and not so serious performer as a tool to “practise a public performance” at a somewhat cheaper entry fee.



  • The NEA CONFIDENCE BUILDER will provide an opportunity for parents and schools that are not comfortable with a competitive approach, but would like to expose participants to an opportunity to perform in public without the threatening feeling of being adjudicated.
  • The NEA CONFIDENCE BUILDER provides participants / schools entering for the mainstream eisteddfod with an additional platform to prepare for the upcoming eisteddfod events.
  • The NEA CONFIDENCE BUILDER will also be available to schools / institutions that would like to enter a large number of participants for adjudication at the particular school. Schools in remote areas will also be able to utilize this option (T & C’s apply. Please contact the NEA Office in this regard).
  • The NEA CONFIDENCE BUILDER will be provided at a significantly lower fee with the SOLE PURPOSE to build confidence.
  • Although the range of categories included in the Confidence Builder offering is limited, there is no limit on the number of NEA Confidence Builder events a participant may enter for.
  • The NEA Confidence Builder offers the following OWN CHOICE categories:
    • Speech and Drama
      • Solo verse speaking (poetry)
      • Poetry ensemble
      • Prepared reading
    • Music
      • Vocal solo with piano accompaniment only
      • Instrumental solo (acoustical instruments only)
  • Maximum time allocation is strictly 2 minutes per performance.
    • Entries will be scheduled and adjudicated at the beginning of the eisteddfod in all regions.
    • All participants will receive a brief written report and certificate of participation.
    • Adjudicators will not provide verbal feedback to participants at the end of sessions as is the case with the annual eisteddfod.
    • NO GRADING or AWARDS (diploma, gold etc.) will be allocated.
    • NO RESULTS will be provided or recorded.
  • Confidence Builder events will not be considered for Showcase events or awards.
  • All entries for the NEA Confidence Builder need to be submitted before the closing date for entries and no late entries for this offering will be accepted.

Download a hardcopy of the Registration and Entry form

Important: A higher fee is charged for HARD COPY entries! Why not register and enter online?