Available venues – live participation

We wish to extend a sincere word of appreciation towards schools, studios and parents for their support in this difficult time. To date we have received about 30% of our annual number of entries and income. Although not enough to guarantee sustainability, we are determined to keep going!

Between public and private schools there is currently no uniformity in the dates that schools close or reopen. Participants that opted for live or virtual performances are therefore requested to complete the online questionnaire below.

This provides them the opportunity to confirm their availability in view of the limited available options for live participation or to choose an alternative option. The schedule will be finalized based on the feedback received before 16:00 on Wednesday 7 Oct and will be distributed within the next 2 – 3 days.

Once finalized, the only alternative for live performances will be a “live virtual” session or the submission of a video recorded performance.

Participants can also use this questionnaire to request a change in their selected mode of participation, if necessary.

Participants that opted for virtual participation can use this questionnaire to select a possible timeframe for their virtual participation.

Thank you!